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IKCEST Silk Road Training Base Held the 84th Training Programme for Silk Road Engineering Science and Technology Development

       2020 年12月1日至6日,由联合国教科文组织国际工程科技知识中心(简称“国际知识中心”、“IKCEST”)、西安石油大学主办,IKCEST丝路培训基地承办的第84期丝路工程科技发展专项培训顺利举办。共有39名学员参加了本次培训,他们分别来自坦桑尼亚、尼日利亚、喀麦隆等17个“一带一路”沿线国家。

     The 84th IKCEST Training Programme for Silk Road Engineering Science and Technology Development was held online from Dec. 1st to 6th, 2020. It was co-hosted by the International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology (shortened as “IKCEST”) under the Auspices of UNESCO, Xi’an Shiyou University, and was organized by IKCEST Silk Road Training Base. 39 students from 17 belt-road countries such as Tanzania, Nigeria and Cameroon participated in this training programme.



    Themed on new energy, the following lectures are included: Frontier Study on Energy Efficient Utilization and Application of Supercritical-CO2 Power Cycle, Exploring the foundations of chemical kinetic models–developing a core C0–C5 mechanism, Plasma catalysis: A novel solution for environmental and energy applications, Advanced thermal chemical processing of biomass wastes and its integration with CO2 reduction, Applications of advanced measurement technologies on energy engineering, Laser Sensors for Energy, Environment and Biomedical, Chemistry and Kinetics of Future Fuels, Filtration Solutions to Mitigate Coronavirus Aerosol and PM2.5 Pollutants, Causes, processes and consequences of the Three Mile Island accident and Chernobyl accident, The process of Fukushima nuclear power plant accident and the impact of nuclear leakage, Main Issues and Problems of Energy-Related Pollution and Resource Depletion, Engineering Thermodynamics—Thermal Process of Compressor and etc.

       A combined approach of video-on-demand (shortened as VOD) study, online discussion and after-class practicing were employed in the online training. The students freely arranged the learning schedule to complete online learning tasks, and had active discussion during the training.


    Up till recently, 84 sessions of IKCEST Training Programmes for Silk Road Engineering Science and Technology Development have been held by Silk Road Training Base, training more than 10,000 foreign students from over 100 countries and staff from some export-oriented Chinese Companies. This training programme plays an important role in cultivating talents and promoting the Belt and Road Initiative. In the Meanwhile, it also made important contributions to the economic and social development of European, Asian and African Belt-road countries and regions.


    The International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology (shortened as “IKCEST”) is a category II centre under the auspices of UNESCO. IKCEST was established on June 2, 2014. The Chinese Academy of Engineering is responsible for the operation and management of the IKCEST. IKCEST aims to provide knowledge-based services at global scale in the form of consultancies, scientific research and education for policy-makers and engineering science and technology professionals in the world, with particular reference to the developing countries. In February 2017, based in Xi'an Jiaotong University, IKCEST Silk Road Training Base was established, which aims to train more engineering and technological talents for Belt-Road countries.


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