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The 48th IKCEST Training Programme for Silk Road Engineering Science and Technology Development was held in Xi’an Jiaotong University from March. 18th to 26th. It was co-hosted by the International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology (IKCEST) under the Auspices of UNESCO and Xi’an Jiaotong University, and organized by IKCEST Silk Road Training Base. A total of 87 foreign students from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an Shiyou University, and Xidian University registered for the workshop. They are from over 20 countries along the Silk Road including Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Congo, etc.


The training programme lasted for about two weeks, and covered lectures on topics such as How Foreign Copyrights Are Protected In China, the Belt and Road Initiatives, China’s Institutional Rise and Domestic Governance, Judicial Reasoning in Traditional China and Its Impact on Modern China, Cybercrime and Countermeasures in Chinese Criminal Law, A Community for the People, by the People, for the People: The Legal Perspective Understanding towards One Belt One Road Initiatives, Beijing Opera: Artistry of Performers, and The Challenges and Strategies of China’s Investment Protection in Belt-Road Areas. The in-class lectures were mainly given by experienced teachers in Xi’an Jiaotong University, with question answering and interactions to strengthen the students’ understanding. An integrated approach of theory lecturing and practicing was adopted, which made the subjects much easier to understand. Through this special training programme, foreign students were able to have a general understanding about some legal knowledge and the Belt and Road Initiative, and expressed their strong desire to further study such courses.


In order to make foreign students better understand the frontier knowledge of law, on March 19th, 30 foreign students as representatives from IKCEST Silk Road Training Base in the 48th Training Programme visited Forever Law Firm. The staff introduced the establishment, development, and business scope of the law firm, and had further discussion with the students. Foreign students asked many questions on various topics, such as protection of foreigners’ portrait rights in China, whether foreigners could buy stocks in China and etc. The staff of Forever Law Firm patiently answered the questions, from which the foreign students benefited a lot. In addition, the staff of Forever Law Firm invited the foreign students to participate in the monthly tea party in their firm, hoping to strengthen communications with foreign students and promote their understanding of international law.


Till now, there have been 48 IKCEST Training Programmes for Silk Road Engineering Science and Technology Development. As an important mission of the IKCEST Silk Road Training Base, this training program plays an important role in cultivating talents and promoting “the Belt and Road Initiative”. In the Meanwhile, it is also exploring the development direction for projects initiated by XJTU, such as University Alliance of the New Silk Road, making important contributions to the economic and social development of European, Asian and African counties along Silk Road.


The International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology (shortened as “IKCEST”) is a category II centre under the auspices of UNESCO. IKCEST was established on June 2, 2014. The Chinese Academy of Engineering is responsible for the operation and management of the IKCEST. IKCEST aims at providing knowledge-based services at a global scale in the form of consultancies, scientific research and education for policy-makers and engineering science and technology professionals in the world, with particular reference to the developing countries. In February 2017, based in Xi'an Jiaotong University, IKCEST Silk Road Training Base was established, which aims to train more engineering and technological talents for Belt-Road countries.


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